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Canadian Design Standard –

CSA A23.3-14

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The most user-friendly anchor design software is now even better, allowing you to do more types of anchor designs from anywhere, be that in the office or out on the jobsite.

NEW! Access cloud-based Truspec v3 via web browser from your computer or mobile device.

  • Cloud-based version means users always have access to the latest features, without the hassle of installing updates.

  • Can access from 4G mobile devices even without wi-fi internet connection.

Versatile – do everything in one package

  • NEW Supports cast-in as well as post-installed anchor design

  • NEW Supports anchoring to masonry (available Q1 2020) as well as concrete substrates

  • NEW Allows you to customize base plate shapes and anchor layouts

Accurate, reliable, Canadian code-compliant anchor designs (CSA A23.3-14)

  • NEW Supports ACI318 Strength Design method for concrete and Allowable Stress Design (ASD) for masonry.

  • NEW Truspec v3 lets you enter multiple load combinations and calculates the worst-case controlling combination for you.

  • NEW Truspec v3 checks your base plate design using finite element analysis to ensure adequate rigidity

Intuitive, easy to use

  • Consistently ranked by designers as one of the simplest anchor design software to learn and use, Truspec v3 walks you through the anchor design and selection process in six easy steps – saving time and preventing errors.

  • Customizable templates are provided for common anchoring applications like base plates, end plates and safety railings.

  • Graphical user interface provides 2D and 3D design views making it easy to visualize all design elements at a glance.

  • Tooltip messages provide helpful information whenever the cursor is positioned over an element on the user interface.

  • Animated indicators simplify and speed the input of tensile, shear and moment load values

  • Truspec allows you to filter anchor recommendations by type, diameter, steel grade, etc. Truspec also ranks the viable options to show which are the most efficient from a capacity utilization perspective.

The NEW, enhanced design report shows all inputs, formulas, and calculations with relevant standards citations, plus complete anchor product info and installation instructions.

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